Death Ship (1980)


The movie Death Ship (1980) is a horror film directed by Alvin Rakoff. The story follows a group of survivors from a modern-day cruise ship that is rammed and sunk by a mysterious ghostly freighter. The survivors, including the ship’s captain and passengers, board the freighter, only to discover that it is a World War II Nazi torture ship.

As the survivors explore the eerie and dilapidated ship, they encounter various traps and horrifying remnants of the ship’s dark past. They soon realize that they are not alone on the vessel, as they are stalked by a malevolent force seeking to continue the ship’s legacy of death and torture.

The movie Death Ship (1980) combines elements of supernatural horror and psychological thriller..


  • George Kennedy as Captain Ashland
  • Richard Crenna as Trevor Marshall
  • Nick Mancuso as Nick
  • Sally Ann Howes as Margaret Marshall
  • Kate Reid as Sylvia


  • Death Ship (1980) was filmed in Canada and co-produced by Canadian and British production companies.
  • The film features a haunting score composed by Ivor Slaney.
  • Death Ship (1980) was released in theaters in March 1980 and received mixed reviews from critics.


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