Decoder (1984)


The movie Decoder (1984) revolves around an underground rebel punk band who use music to spread an anti-consumerism brainwashing message across society.

Outcast FM leads an anarchic band trying to disrupt conformity through psychedelic music encoding subliminal messages. They target businessmen with their experimental tapes to spark an uprising against corporations.

The movie Decoder (1984) follows the band recruiting a young truck driver into their movement after he has a mental breakdown. However, the KLF organization tries stopping them from spreading their controversial brainwashing campaign.

As FM’s tapes gain influence across Germany, government authorities become concerned over increasing anti-status-quo behavior linked to the music. In the chaotic climax, FM broadcasts their full tape publicly, sparking mass demonstrations.


  • F.M. Einheit as FM
  • Christiane F. as Christine
  • William S. Burroughs as Old Man
  • Genesis P-Orridge as The Shadow
  • Bill Rice as FB


The electronic band Soft Cell created music for the fictional band in the film.

Director Muscha’s style was influenced by punk culture.

It developed a cult following within the industrial music scene.


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