Deep in the Woods (2000)


The movie Deep in the Woods (2000) is a French slasher horror film directed by Lionel Delplanque. It follows a group of young medical students who go camping in the woods and end up being stalked by a mysterious killer.

Clementine, Thomas and their fellow students decide to camp in the woods as part of a hazing ritual. However, people start disappearing one by one. The bodies of victims are later discovered mutilated and arranged in strange poses out in the woods. It becomes clear a savage killer is stalking them.

The group tries to flee but finds the killer has sabotaged their cars. Trapped in the woods, paranoia sets in as the students turn on each other. Thomas and Clementine struggle to uncover the murderer’s identity while avoiding becoming the next victims.



  • Clementine Celarie as Clementine
  • Charles Berling as Thomas
  • Sylvain Joubert as Franck
  • Valerie Daix as Sophie
  • Bruno Abraham-Kremer as Vincent


  • Original French title is “Dans les bois”
  • Based on some true unsolved murder cases
  • Filmed on location in the Ardennes region of France
  • Directed by French actor Lionel Delplanque


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