Demon Rage (1982)


The movie Demon Rage (1982) is a horror film directed by James Polakof. The story follows a young woman named Jennifer Baines who inherits her family’s estate after the death of her parents. As she settles into the mansion, Jennifer begins to experience terrifying supernatural occurrences and discovers a dark secret hidden within the house.

The movie Demon Rage (1982) begins with Jennifer Baines inheriting her family’s mansion. She moves into the estate with her husband, Paul, and their young daughter, Debbie. However, their peaceful life is soon disrupted by a series of paranormal events. Jennifer starts having vivid nightmares and encounters malevolent spirits that seem to be targeting her family.

As the supernatural occurrences escalate, Jennifer delves into the history of her family and the mansion. She uncovers a dark secret involving her ancestors, who were involved in occult practices and made a pact with demonic forces. It becomes clear that the spirits haunting the house are seeking revenge and are determined to claim Jennifer’s soul.

As Jennifer fights to protect her family, she seeks the help of a local priest who specializes in exorcisms.


  • Britt Ekland as Jennifer Baines
  • Lana Wood as Sarah
  • Kabir Bedi as Father Stratten
  • Don Galloway as Paul Baines


  • The movie Demon Rage (1982) is also known as “Demon Seed” and “Dark Heritage”.
  • The film features atmospheric cinematography and eerie special effects to create a sense of dread and suspense.
  • Demon Rage received mixed reviews upon its release, with some praising its atmospheric horror elements, while others criticized its pacing and plot development.
  • The movie explores themes of demonic possession, family curses, and the battle between good and evil.



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