Demon Wind (1990)


The movie Demon Wind (1990) revolves around a group of friends who travel to an isolated farmhouse, where they unwittingly unleash a horde of ghoulish demons.

After his grandparents die gruesomely, Cory invites friends to their abandoned farm to find answers. Inside, they discover a basement portal that releases ominous supernatural forces into the area.

The movie Demon Wind (1990) shows the group fighting for survival as a fog carries in mutilated zombie-like townspeople possessed by evil demons. The demonic family who opened the portal years prior start hunting them.

Trapped by the fog barrier, the dwindling friends search the house for the buried book to close the portal before the demon infestation spreads further. In a desperate ritual, they are finally able to reseal the gateway.


  • Eric Larson as Cory
  • Francine Lapensée as Elaine
  • Rufus Norris as Dell
  • Jack Forcinito as Chuck
  • Stephen Quadros as Stacy


It was filmed on location in Nevada.

Special effects creator Brent Baker also worked on The Stuff and Retribution.

The original runtime was nearly 3 hours before editing.


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