Demonia (1990)


The movie Demonia (1990) is about a group of nuns who fall victim to demonic possession after the abbey they reside in is built on ground where witches were once burned.

A medieval abbey is constructed over the location where witches were once burned at the stake. Years later, a group of nuns sent to this remote abbey begin exhibiting bizarre and violent behavior linked to demonic forces.

The movie Demonia (1990) follows a young archaeologist named Liza who visits the abbey and witnesses the increasing signs of possession among the nuns. She discovers the abbey’s demonic history too late before an evil outbreak overtakes the entire convent.

Trapped as hellish forces siege the abbey, Liza and sole unaffected nun Sister Angela desperately try performing an exorcism ritual to dispel the demonic presence before fully consuming the nuns.


  • Meg Register as Liza
  • Carla Cassola as Sister Angela
  • George Eastman as Paul
  • Annie Ross as Mother Superior
  • Sherry Buchanan as Sister Barbara


It was shot on location at a monastery in Italy.

Director Lamberto Bava was known for Macabre and A Blade in the Dark.

The film’s alternate titles were The Antichrist and Anthropophagous 2000.


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