Demonoid (1981)


The movie Demonoid (1981), also known as Demonoid: Messenger of Death, is a Mexican supernatural horror film directed by Alfredo Zacarías. The plot centers around a group of explorers who discover a mysterious hand in Mexico that causes madness and death to whoever possesses it [1]. The hand is believed to be connected to an ancient curse, and as the hand changes ownership, it unleashes a wave of terror and violence.

The movie follows the journey of the cursed hand as it passes from person to person, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. In the movie Demonoid (1981), each new owner becomes possessed by an evil force, leading them to commit heinous acts. A group of individuals must come together to find a way to break the curse and stop the hand’s reign of terror.


  • Samantha Eggar as Jennifer Baines
  • Stuart Whitman as Father Cunningham
  • Roy Jenson as Mark Baines
  • Victor Buono as Dr. Molinar
  • Edith González as Maria
  • Michael Pataki as Father John


  • Demonoid (1981) is also known as Demonoid: Messenger of Death [1].
  • The film was directed by Alfredo Zacarías and gained a cult following over the years [1].
  • Demonoid combines elements of possession and supernatural horror to create a suspenseful and terrifying experience [1].



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