Demons (1985)


The movie Demons (1985) follows a group of people attending a movie screening who become trapped and hunted by murderous demons.

Several patrons are invited to a special screening of a horror film in a new Berlin theater. However, as they watch the film, one woman transforms into a gruesome demon who starts attacking the others.

The movie Demons (1985) shows the demon outbreak spreading rapidly as the attendees try finding a way out of the sealed theater. One by one, they are infected by demon scratches and brutally killed, adding to the horde of monsters.

A few survivors including Tony and Cheryl band together to fight back using weapons like swords and broken glass. In the gory climax, the last two people destroy the remaining demons and escape the carnage-filled theater.


  • Urbano Barberini as George
  • Natasha Hovey as Cheryl
  • Karl Zinny as Ken
  • Fiore Argento as Hannah
  • Paola Cozzo as Kathy


It was produced by Italian horror master Dario Argento.

The heavy metal soundtrack featured bands like Accept, Motley Crue, and Scorpions.

Its success spawned numerous sequels.


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