Don't Go in the Woods (1981)


The movie Don’t Go in the Woods (1981) is a slasher film directed by James Bryan. The plot follows four young campers – Craig, Peter, Ingrid, and Joanie – as they venture into the mountains for a relaxing weekend in the wilderness. However, their peaceful getaway quickly turns into a nightmare when they become the targets of a mysterious and bloodthirsty killer.

The movie Don’t Go in the Woods (1981) focuses on the group’s struggle for survival as they are relentlessly pursued by the killer.


  • Jack McClelland as Peter
  • Mary Gail Artz as Ingrid
  • James P. Hayden as Craig
  • Angie Brown as Joanie


– Don’t Go in the Woods (1981) is known for its low-budget production and amateurish acting[4].

– The film features a high body count and graphic violence, which became a trademark of the slasher genre[4].

– Despite receiving mixed reviews upon release, Don’t Go in the Woods has gained a cult following among fans of B-movies and slasher films[5].



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