Double Exposure (1982)


The movie Double Exposure (1982) is a psychological thriller directed by William Byron Hillman. The film follows the story of Adrian Wilde, a successful fashion photographer who becomes the prime suspect in a series of brutal murders. As the bodies pile up, Adrian must prove his innocence and uncover the true identity of the killer.

The movie Double Exposure (1982) begins with Adrian Wilde, a renowned fashion photographer, who starts experiencing blackouts and disturbing visions. Unbeknownst to him, during these blackouts, he transforms into a deranged killer and commits gruesome murders. As the bodies are discovered, the police, led by Detective Joe Carlson, begin to suspect Adrian’s involvement.

Desperate to clear his name, Adrian seeks the help of a psychiatrist, Dr. Sheri Stoner, who specializes in treating patients with multiple personalities. Together, they delve into Adrian’s past, uncovering a traumatic childhood event that may be the root cause of his split personality and violent tendencies.

As the investigation progresses, Adrian’s condition worsens, and he struggles to maintain his sanity. He becomes haunted by the possibility that he may be the killer, even though he has no memory of committing the crimes. Determined to find the truth, Adrian sets out to confront his dark alter ego and bring an end to the killing spree.


  • Michael Callan as Adrian Wilde
  • Joanna Pettet as Dr. Sheri Stoner
  • James Stacy as Detective Joe Carlson
  • Pamela Hensley as Sally
  • Robert Tessier as Jake
  • David Young as David


  • The movie Double Exposure (1982) was also released under the title “Model Killer”.
  • The film features a blend of psychological thriller and slasher elements.
  • Double Exposure received mixed reviews upon its release, with some praising its atmospheric cinematography and twisty plot, while others criticized its pacing and character development.
  • The film showcases the fashion photography industry of the 1980s, adding a stylish and glamorous backdrop to the story.



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