Dracula of Exarcheia (1983)


Dracula of Exarcheia (1983) is a Greek horror-comedy film directed by Nikos Zervos. The film is a parody of the Dracula myth and features a mad scientist who graverobs to create a reanimated rock band out of famous dead musicians. The film also includes zombies protesting against the mad scientist, and the scientist himself is also a Dracula.

The movie begins with the mad scientist, played by Kostas Voutsas, digging up graves to find the bodies of famous dead musicians. He then reanimates them to create a rock band. Meanwhile, a group of zombies led by Katerina Gogou is protesting against the scientist’s actions. The detective, played by Giannis Voglis, is also investigating the strange occurrences in the area. The scientist, who is also a Dracula, falls in love with his assistant, played by Eleni Filini. However, his love is unrequited, and he becomes increasingly desperate to win her over.

The film features a unique twist on the classic Dracula story, with the scientist being a Dracula himself. The inclusion of zombies protesting against the scientist’s actions and the reanimated rock band adds to the film’s comedic elements. The film ends with the scientist being defeated, and the zombies and the detective celebrating their victory.


  • Giorgos Katsaros as Dracula
  • Kostas Voutsas as the mad scientist
  • Eleni Filini as the scientist’s assistant
  • Giannis Voglis as the detective
  • Katerina Gogou as the zombie leader
  • Vasilis Tsaglos as the zombie musician
  • Giorgos Tsitsopoulos as the zombie musician
  • Nikos Tsachiridis as the zombie musician
  • Giorgos Zervos as the zombie musician




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