Eaten Alive! (1980)


The movie Eaten Alive! (1980), also known as Mangiati vivi!, is an Italian horror film directed by Umberto Lenzi. The story follows a young woman named Sheila who travels to New Guinea in search of her sister, who has been abducted by a cult. As Sheila delves deeper into the jungle, she encounters a series of horrifying and cannibalistic events.

Trapped in a hostile and dangerous environment, Sheila must navigate through the treacherous jungle and face off against the cult members and their cannibalistic rituals. The movie Eaten Alive! (1980) explores themes of survival, fear, and the limits of human endurance in the face of extreme circumstances.

Eaten Alive! (1980) is part of the cannibal film genre that gained popularity in the 1970s and 1980s. It features intense and graphic scenes, including footage taken from other cannibal films such as Man from the Deep River (1972), Last Cannibal World (1977), and The Mountain of the Cannibal God (1978).


  • Robert Kerman as Mark Butler
  • Janet Agren as Sheila Morris
  • Ivan Rassimov as Jonas Melvin
  • Paola Senatore as Diana
  • Me Me Lai as Mowara


  • Eaten Alive! (1980) was part of the cannibal film boom and was filmed before the release of Cannibal Holocaust.
  • The film incorporates footage from other cannibal films, contributing to its graphic and shocking nature.
  • Some scenes in the film depict the killing and dismemberment of live animals, a controversial aspect of the Italian exploitation genre.


  • Morbidly Beautiful: “Eaten Alive! (1980) is a part of the cannibal film subgenre, known for its graphic and shocking content. The film takes viewers on a terrifying journey through the jungle, filled with cannibalistic rituals and intense survival situations.”
  • IMDb: This user-generated review platform offers a variety of reviews from viewers who have watched the film.


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