Eternal Evil (1985)


The movie Eternal Evil (1985) is a supernatural horror film directed by Tom Holland. The movie Eternal Evil (1985) follows a troubled young man who becomes possessed by a demonic entity.

After moving into a new home, Paul realises he has psychic abilities to astrally project himself. This draws the attention of an ancient demon named Nevil who begins speaking to Paul. Nevil starts negatively influencing Paul, making him lash out at those around him. As Nevil’s possession strengthens, Paul uses his powers to commit murders at the demon’s urging.

Paul’s girlfriend Jenny starts noticing his erratic behavior and contacts a parapsychologist named Dr. Hudek for help. Learning Paul is under the control of the powerful demon Nevil, Hudek tries performing an exorcism. However, Nevil is too strong and the exorcism fails. Nevil fully takes possession of Paul, transforming him into a monster who targets Jenny. In the end, Jenny is forced to kill the demonically-possessed Paul for her own survival.


  • Winston Rekert
  • Karen Black



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