Eyes of a Stranger (1981)


The movie Eyes of a Stranger (1981) is a horror-thriller film directed by Ken Wiederhorn. The plot follows a newscaster in Miami who suspects that her neighbor may be a local rapist and serial killer [2]. The film features makeup effects by Tom Savini.

A TV newswoman named Jane Harris, played by Lauren Tewes, catches a pervert watching her sister Tracy, portrayed by Jennifer Jason Leigh, who cannot see, hear, or speak [3]. As Jane investigates further, she becomes increasingly convinced that her neighbor is responsible for a series of gruesome crimes [4]. The tension builds as Jane delves deeper into the dark secrets of her neighbor’s life.

Meanwhile, Tracy becomes a target of the killer when he breaks into their apartment [3]. Jane races against time to save her sister from the clutches of the deranged killer. She discovers that the killer has a disturbing obsession with eyes and has been collecting the eyes of his victims in a jar [2]. With the help of her cameraman David, played by T.K. Carter, Jane must confront the killer and rescue her sister before it’s too late.

In the climax, Jane confronts the killer in his apartment. A violent struggle ensues as Jane fights for her life and the life of her sister. Jane manages to overpower the killer and save Tracy from certain death.


  • Lauren Tewes as Jane Harris
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh as Tracy Harris
  • John DiSanti as Stanley Herbert
  • Peter DuPre as Gary Hunt
  • Gwen Lewis as Agnes
  • T.K. Carter as David


  • The movie was filmed in Miami, Florida.
  • Ken Wiederhorn, the director of “Eyes of a Stranger,” also directed the horror-comedy “Return of the Living Dead Part II” (1988).
  • The film was released on March 27, 1981, by Warner Bros.



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