Eyes of Fire (1983)


The movie Eyes of Fire (1983) is set in 1750 during colonial times and follows a group of pioneers fleeing persecution in their settlement.

After being accused of adultery, preacher Will Smythe escapes into the wilderness with several followers including Fanny, Meg, and Eloise. They face attacks from Native Americans until a witch named Leah uses magic to protect them.

The movie Eyes of Fire (1983) continues as the pioneers find refuge in an isolated valley avoided by tribes. However, a Native American orphan girl joins them who is actually an evil spirit. One by one, the settlers fall prey to its supernatural attacks.

Leah works to combat the evil presence but many perish. In the end, the few remaining pioneers escape downstream while Leah destroys the spirit. They recount their story to a skeptical French commander.

With its supernatural elements and pioneer-era setting, the movie Eyes of Fire (1983) provides chilling historical horror as the settlers grapple with the mysterious forces plaguing their quest for freedom.


  • Dennis Lipscomb as Will Smythe
  • Rebecca Stanley as Fanny McBee
  • Guy Boyd as Marion Dalton
  • Sherry Bendorf as Leah
  • Elspeth Eric as Meg McBee


It was filmed in Kentucky with a budget of only $250,000.

Director Avery Crounse had studied painting and sculpture.

The film’s distribution was delayed for several years.


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