Fade to Black (1980)


The movie Fade to Black (1980) is a psychological horror comedy film written and directed by Vernon Zimmerman. The plot follows Eric Binford, a shy and lonely cinephile who works at a film distributor warehouse and lives a secluded life. Eric’s obsession with movies becomes increasingly unhealthy, and he starts to impersonate classic film characters while seeking revenge against those who have mistreated him.

As the movie progresses, Eric’s descent into madness becomes more apparent. He embarks on a killing spree, targeting his oppressors and stalking a Marilyn Monroe lookalike, whom he idolizes. The line between reality and fantasy blurs as Eric’s obsession with movies consumes him..

Fade to Black (1980) explores themes of obsession, alienation, and the power of cinema.


  • Dennis Christopher as Eric Binford
  • Eve Brent as Mrs. Binford
  • Linda Kerridge as Marilyn O’Connor
  • Mickey Rourke as Richie
  • Peter Horton as Gary Bially


  • Fade to Black (1980) was written and directed by Vernon Zimmerman.
  • The film features appearances by Mickey Rourke and Peter Horton in minor roles.
  • During production, the film faced challenges, including a grueling shooting schedule and tension among the cast.


  • Roger Ebert: “Fade to Black (1980) is a movie about a shy, lonely film buff who embarks on a killing spree against those who have mistreated him. It’s a disturbing and thought-provoking exploration of obsession and the power of cinema.”
  • Den of Geek: “Fade to Black (1980) is a coming-of-age movie for psychopathic film geeks. It delves into the dark and twisted mind of its protagonist, played brilliantly by Dennis Christopher, as he becomes consumed by his obsession with movies.”


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