Fatal Games (1984)


In the movie Fatal Games (1984), a seven member gymnastics team – Annie Rivers, Sue Allen Baines, Nancy Wilson and Frank Agee, gymnastics; Joe Ward and Phil Dandridge, track and field; and Lynn Fox, swimming – at the Falcon Academy of Athletics at Brookfall, Massachusetts is up for a Nationals competition. But before they can get underway, someone dressed in a black tracksuit and wielding a javelin begins killing the members. They must discover the killer’s identity before the entire team ends up slaughtered.


  • Sally Kirkland as Diane Paine
  • Lynn Banashek as Annie Rivers
  • Sean Masterson as Phil Dandridge
  • Trivia

    It was also released under the title Olympic Nightmare.

    The low budget film was shot in just 11 days.

    Several cast members were real athletes.


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