Faust (2000)


The movie Faust (2000) is a supernatural horror film directed by Brian Yuzna. Loosely inspired by the German legend, it follows an artist who makes a deal with the devil in exchange for supernatural abilities to exact revenge.

John Jaspers is a struggling painter who hopelessly pines after a beautiful woman named Margret. After his violent advances on Margret are rejected, John is driven to suicide. Mysterious forces intervene and a man named M offers him a deal – sell his soul and receive special powers for one year to win Margret’s love.

John accepts, gaining telekinetic abilities, enhanced strength, and the power to read minds. But the deal has grim consequences. John’s flesh starts rotting while he is wracked with desire, violence, and grotesque visions. As his powers increase, he uses them to seek revenge on those he believes wronged him and win Margret at any cost.

The movie Faust (2000) concludes with John confronting Margret’s lover on a church tower during a thunderstorm.


  • Mark Frost as John Jaspers
  • Isabel Brook as Margaret
  • Jennifer Rope as Elga
  • Jeffrey Combs as M
  • Andrew Divoff as the Archbishop


  • Loosely inspired by the German legend of Faust selling his soul to the Devil
  • Mark Frost also co-created the TV series Twin Peaks
  • Special effects done by Screaming Mad George
  • The film had a troubled production history


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