Ferat Vampire (1982)


The movie Ferat Vampire (1982) is a Czechoslovak horror film directed by Juraj Herz. The story follows a car manufacturing company that secretly produces a line of cars equipped with supernatural powers. These cars are used by a mysterious vampire to lure victims and satisfy his thirst for blood.

The movie Ferat Vampire (1982) centers around the character of Karel Bělák, a talented race car driver who is approached by Ferat, a prestigious car manufacturer. Ferat offers Karel a unique opportunity to test their new line of cars, which are said to possess extraordinary capabilities. Intrigued by the offer, Karel agrees and becomes the company’s test driver.

Unbeknownst to Karel, the cars produced by Ferat are not ordinary vehicles. They are equipped with advanced technology and supernatural powers that enable them to control the minds of their drivers and manipulate their actions. The cars are used by a vampire named Countess Bathory, who uses them to seduce and prey upon unsuspecting victims.

As Karel becomes more involved with Ferat, he starts to experience strange and disturbing occurrences. He begins to lose control over his actions and finds himself drawn into a web of danger and darkness. With the help of a journalist named Marketa, Karel sets out to uncover the truth behind Ferat and put an end to the vampire’s reign of terror.


  • Jirí Menzel as Karel Bělák
  • Dagmar Veškrnová-Havlová as Marketa
  • Jana Brejchová as Countess Bathory
  • Petr Cepek as Ferat
  • Jan Schmid as Dr. Marek


  • The movie Ferat Vampire (1982) is based on a short story by Jan Neruda.
  • Ferat Vampire received mixed reviews upon its release, with some praising its unique concept and visual style, while others criticized its pacing and narrative execution.



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