Firestarter (1984)


The movie Firestarter (1984) follows a couple who participated in a medical experiment giving their daughter pyrokinetic powers, which government agents now pursue her for.

College students Andy and Vicky take an experimental drug that gives them telepathic abilities. Years later, their daughter Charlie develops the power to start fires with her mind. A government agency called The Shop tries capturing Charlie to weaponize her power.

The movie Firestarter (1984) centers on Andy and Vicky going on the run with Charlie to protect her from The Shop’s nefarious schemes. Chased by ruthless agent John Rainbird, Andy teaches Charlie to control her power while Vicky has disturbing visions.

When Andy and Vicky are eventually captured, a grieving Charlie begins using her pyrokinesis to destroy The Shop’s facilities and gain revenge. In a harrowing climax, a dying Andy helps Charlie escape while destroying the compound and Rainbird in a massive explosion.

The movie Firestarter (1984) is based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name.


  • Drew Barrymore as Charlie McGee
  • David Keith as Andy McGee
  • Freddie Jones as John Rainbird
  • Heather Locklear as Vicky McGee
  • Martin Sheen as Captain Hollister


This was a breakthrough role for a young Drew Barrymore.

John Carpenter was originally slated to direct but left the project.

Actual footage of the 1970 Vietnam napalm bombing was used in the film.


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