Forbidden World (1982)


The movie Forbidden World (1982), originally titled Mutant, is a science fiction-horror film directed by Allan Holzman. Set in the distant future, the story takes place on a remote planet where a genetic experiment has gone awry. A federation marshal, Mike Colby, arrives at a research lab to investigate the situation.

The movie Forbidden World (1982) follows Mike Colby as he discovers that a genetically engineered organism, Subject 20, has escaped and is wreaking havoc in the facility. Subject 20 is a highly aggressive and rapidly evolving creature that feeds on human flesh. As the creature continues to grow and mutate, it poses a grave threat to the lives of everyone in the lab.

With the help of the lab’s scientists, including Dr. Barbara Glaser and Dr. Gordon Hauser, Mike Colby must find a way to stop the creature before it escapes the facility and reaches the nearby inhabited planet. They face numerous challenges, including the creature’s ability to adapt and regenerate, making it nearly impossible to kill.


  • Jesse Vint as Mike Colby
  • Dawn Dunlap as Dr. Barbara Glaser
  • June Chadwick as Dr. Gordon Hauser
  • Linden Chiles as Dr. Cal Timbergen
  • Fox Harris as Dr. Gordon Hauser
  • Michael Bowen as Jimmy Swift


  • The movie Forbidden World (1982) was produced by Roger Corman’s New World Pictures, known for its low-budget cult films.
  • The film shares similarities with other science fiction horror films of the time, such as Alien (1979) and The Thing (1982), in terms of its creature-driven plot and gruesome special effects.
  • Forbidden World was shot in just 18 days on a limited budget, utilizing recycled sets from other films to save costs.
  • The film’s special effects were created by John Carl Buechler, who went on to work on other notable horror films.



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