Fracchia Vs. Dracula (1985)


The movie Fracchia Vs. Dracula (1985) is an Italian horror comedy film directed by Neri Parenti. The movie Fracchia Vs. Dracula (1985) spoofs the Dracula legend by pitting the vampire lord against a goofy, unlikely hero named Fracchia.

Fracchia is a clumsy, unsuspecting bank clerk who gets sent by his boss to deliver an important loan contract to a Transylvanian company. Upon arriving at the remote Transylvanian castle, Fracchia quickly becomes convinced it is inhabited by vampires. His suspicions are confirmed when he sees the terrifying Dracula and his vampire concubines.


  • Paolo Villaggio as Fracchia
  • Edmund Purdom as Count Dracula
  • Lia Zoppelli as Fracchia’s wife
  • Stefania Casini as Dracula’s bride
  • Carmen Russo as Dracula’s bride


It is a sequel to the 1981 Italian comedy Fracchia la belva umana.

Paolo Villaggio was a popular Italian comedian who starred in multiple comedies.

The film’s budget was an estimated $1.5 million.


Johnny Alucard

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