Fright Night (1985)


The movie Fright Night (1985) follows a teenager who discovers his new neighbor is a vampire and tries convincing others before becoming the undead killer’s next target.

Charley Brewster notices new next-door neighbor Jerry Dandrige only comes out at night and suspects him of being a vampire after people start disappearing. However, no one believes Charley’s crazy claims.

The movie Fright Night (1985) shows Charley increasingly convinced Jerry is behind the murders. He eventually turns for help to a TV horror host named Peter Vincent. But Jerry starts targeting Charley’s loved ones, forcing him into a battle against the sinister vampire.

In the chilling climax, Charley confronts Jerry in his basement lair with Peter’s aid. After destroying Jerry’s coffin, they manage to defeat the vampire before Charley’s girlfriend becomes his next victim.

With its suburban horror premise, the movie Fright Night (1985) became an influential 80s vampire film.


  • Chris Sarandon as Jerry Dandrige
  • William Ragsdale as Charley Brewster
  • Roddy McDowall as Peter Vincent
  • Amanda Bearse as Amy
  • Stephen Geoffreys as “Evil” Ed Thompson


It was writer/director Tom Holland’s first mainstream studio film.

The Peter Vincent character was named after horror icons Peter Cushing and Vincent Price.

The film became a sleeper hit grossing over $24 million.


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