Frightmare (1983)


The movie Frightmare (1983) is a horror film about Conrad Radzoff, a horror movie star who is long past his prime. Conrad is trapped doing commercials and living off a reputation built decades ago. He plans his own death to go out with a bang, but his loyal fans decide to steal his fresh corpse from the mortuary to party with it all night long. This results in Conrad returning from the grave as a supernatural being, seeking revenge on those who wronged him. He can cause characters to burst into flames without even touching them. Conrad then proceeds to kill people for no good reason, including the directors who wronged him.


  • Ferdinand Mayne as Conrad
  • Luca Bercovici as Saint
  • Nita Talbot as Mrs. Rohmer
  • Leon Askin as Wolfgang
  • Jennifer Starrett as Meg
  • Barbara Pilavin as Etta
  • Carlene Olson as Eve
  • Scott Thomson as Bobo
  • Donna McDaniel as Donna
  • Jeffrey Combs as Stu


  • Frightmare is also known as Body Snatchers and The Horror Star[1].
  • The movie is notable for being the screen debut of the legendary actor, Jeffery Combs[1].



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