Funeral Home (1980)


The movie Funeral Home (1980), also known as Cries in the Night, is a Canadian horror/thriller film directed by William Fruet. The story follows a young woman named Heather who arrives at her grandmother’s house, which used to be a funeral home, to help her turn the place into a bed-and-breakfast inn[6]. As Heather begins renovating the house, she starts to uncover dark secrets and eerie occurrences that suggest the funeral home may still be haunted by its past. Strange noises, unexplained phenomena, and unsettling encounters with the locals make Heather question her decision to stay at the house[2].

As the movie Funeral Home (1980) progresses, Heather becomes increasingly disturbed by the strange happenings and begins to suspect that someone is hiding a sinister secret. She must uncover the truth behind the mysterious occurrences and confront the dark forces that lurk within the funeral home[1]. The film combines elements of psychological suspense, mystery, and slasher horror. [3].

Funeral Home (1980) explores themes of family secrets, the supernatural, and the consequences of disturbing the past. It delves into the psychological toll of uncovering buried truths and the terror that can arise from disturbing the resting place of the dead[5].


  • Lesleh Donaldson as Heather
  • Kay Hawtrey as Mrs. Chalmers
  • Jack Van Evera as Rick
  • Alf Humphreys as Billy
  • Harvey Atkin as Mr. Davis


  • Funeral Home (1980) was shot in Canada and directed by William Fruet[3].
  • The film is also known as Cries in the Night[3].



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