Future-Kill (1985)


The movie Future-Kill (1985) is a sci-fi horror film directed by Ronald W. Brooks. The movie Future-Kill (1985) centers around a group of fraternity brothers who are hunted by a mutant creature from the future.

In present-day, a group of University of Texas students get ready for fraternity initiation. Meanwhile, a terrifying mutant humanoid arrives from a post-apocalyptic future through a time portal. The disfigured creature from 2030 begins stalking and killing people around Austin.

As the initiation begins, the mutant starts preying on the fraternity members during their hazing rituals. Trapped together at night in an abandoned warehouse, the brothers try to survive against the attacks of the violent future humanoid. One by one, the creature murders the students in gory fashion. The movie Future-Kill (1985) culminates in a final showdown between the last surviving frat boy and the mutant inside the warehouse.


  • Edwin Neal as Splatter
  • Marilyn Burns
  • Gabriel Folse
  • James Harrell
  • Steve Mathews


Edwin Neal and Marilyn Burns starred in the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Future-Kill was filmed around Austin for under $20,000.

The film’s working title was Gong Show Movie.


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