Ghost Keeper (1981)


The movie Ghost Keeper (1981) is a Canadian supernatural slasher film directed by James Makichuk. The story follows a group of three friends on a snowmobiling trip in the Canadian Rockies who become stranded at an abandoned hotel. The elderly female innkeeper, who is the only person at the hotel, seems to be hiding something sinister within the building. As the night progresses, the friends begin to experience strange and terrifying events, including visions of a malevolent spirit and encounters with the innkeeper’s son, who was believed to have died years ago. The group must fight for their survival against the evil entity and the innkeeper’s twisted intentions.

The movie Ghost Keeper (1981) is inspired by the Windigo legend of North America, which is a malevolent spirit that possesses humans and drives them to commit acts of cannibalism.


  • Riva Spier as Jenny
  • Murray Ord as Marty
  • Sheri McFadden as Chrissy
  • Georgie Collins as The Ghost Keeper
  • Les Kimber as The Ghost Keeper’s Son
  • Tom Kovacs as The Hunter


  • The movie Ghost Keeper (1981) was filmed on location in Lake Louise and the Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada.
  • The film was photographed by cinematographer John Holbrook.
  • The film’s producer, Harry Cole, described the film as more of a “suspense movie” along the lines of Psycho (1960).



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