Ghoulies (1985)


The movie Ghoulies (1985) is a comedic horror film about a group of tiny demonic creatures that wreak havoc at a mansion party. It was the first installment in the Ghoulies film series. The movie begins with the main character Malcolm Graves inheriting his late father’s mansion. Malcolm become obsessed with the occult and starts performing dark rituals in the basement, during which he accidentally summons the ghoulies. The creatures start off small but quickly multiply and grow in malice. Years later, Malcolm hosts a party at the mansion, inviting his estranged son Michael and Michael’s friends. Strange occurrences start happening immediately, with the ghoulies causing mischief and mayhem throughout the house. They attack partygoers, damage property, and interrupt an occult ritual Malcolm tries to perform. Michael eventually discovers the ghoulies’ existence and their connection to his father’s obsession with the dark arts. After the creatures terrorize and injure more people, Malcolm realizes he’s lost control. He decides to reverse the ritual and send the ghoulies back from where they came. However, the ghoulies have grown too powerful and ultimately turn on Malcolm, killing him. Michael is then able to complete the banishing ritual, destroying the ghoulies.


  • Peter Liapis as Malcolm Graves
  • Lisa Pelikan as Rebecca
  • Michael Des Barres as Wolfgang
  • Mariska Hargitay as Donna
  • Peter Risch as Eddie
  • Tamara De Treaux as Greediguts


  • The film was shot in just 20 days.
  • The ghoulies were puppet creatures controlled by puppeteers.
  • The mansion used for filming was the historic Greystone Mansion.
  • Ghoulies became one of Empire Pictures’ highest grossing films.



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