Graduation Day (1981)


The movie Graduation Day (1981) is an American slasher film directed by Herb Freed. The plot revolves around a high school track team who are stalked and murdered by a masked assailant just days before their graduation.

The film begins with a track meet where several high school kids are competing. The tension rises as one of the runners, Laura, collapses and dies after completing a 30-second 200-meter race. Soon after, the track team members start receiving mysterious phone calls from a masked killer.

As the graduation day approaches, the masked killer continues to target the track team members one by one. The murders are brutal and gruesome, with each victim meeting a different fate. The school faculty and local law enforcement are determined to catch the killer before more lives are lost.

The movie Graduation Day (1981) combines elements of mystery, suspense, and horror.


  • Christopher George as Coach George Michaels
  • Patch Mackenzie as Anne Ramstead
  • Michael Pataki as Mr. Roberts
  • E. Danny Murphy as Kevin Badger
  • Linnea Quigley as Dolores
  • Vanna White as Doris
  • Karen Abbott as Sally


– Graduation Day (1981) was filmed in Los Angeles and released in the spring of 1981[3].

– The film grossed nearly $24 million on a budget of $250,000, making it a financial success[3].

– Despite receiving a largely negative reception upon release, the film has developed a cult following among fans of the genre[3].



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