Happy Birthday to Me (1981)


The movie Happy Birthday to Me (1981) is a Canadian slasher film directed by J. Lee Thompson. The plot revolves around Virginia “Ginny” Wainwright, a student at the prestigious Crawford Academy. Ginny and her group of friends, known as the “Top Ten,” are targeted by a mysterious killer who begins a series of brutal murders.

The movie follows Ginny as she navigates her complicated relationships with her friends and deals with the trauma of her past. As the murders continue, suspicion falls on various characters, including Ginny herself. .

In the movie Happy Birthday to Me (1981) the killer employs various methods to dispatch their victims, including a shish kebab skewer and a motorized wheelchair.


  • Melissa Sue Anderson as Virginia “Ginny” Wainwright
  • Glenn Ford as Dr. David Faraday
  • Lawrence Dane as Hal Wainwright
  • Sharon Acker as Estelle Wainwright
  • Frances Hyland as Mrs. Patterson


  • Happy Birthday to Me (1981) was released around the same time as other popular slasher films of the era, such as Friday the 13th (1980) and Halloween II (1981).
  • The film faced controversy and censorship due to its graphic violence and intense death scenes.
  • Happy Birthday to Me (1981) features a memorable twist ending that has become a hallmark of the slasher genre.



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