Hard Rock Zombies (1985)


The movie Hard Rock Zombies (1985) is a horror comedy directed by Krishna Shah. The movie Hard Rock Zombies (1985) follows an 80s hair metal band who encounter zombies while traveling through a small town.

The band members, comprised of lead singer Jesse, guitarist Chanel, bassist Luke, drummer Cowboy, and keyboardist Elsa, break down in the remote town of Grand Guignol. While waiting for their van to be repaired, they stay at a house occupied by a strange dwarf named Cassidy. It is soon revealed the town is home to a centuries old murderer, Evil Eyes, who can turn people into zombies under his control.


  • E.J. Curse as Jesse
  • Geno Andrews as Luke
  • Mick McMains as Cowboy
  • Erica Tomlinson as Elsa
  • Paul Longe as Chanel


The film was originally written under the title The Zombies of Rock.

It was shot on location in the rural community ofmiddlewaresmithville in Pennsylvania.

The production budget was only $550,000.


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