Harlequin (1980)


The movie Harlequin (1980), also known as Dark Forces, is an Australian thriller film directed by Simon Wincer. The story is a modern-day retelling of the Rasputin story, focusing on Nick Rast, an up-and-coming senator whose young son is terminally ill with leukemia[1]. As Nick searches for a cure for his son’s illness, he encounters a charismatic healer named Gregory Wolfe, who claims to possess supernatural powers. Wolfe becomes a close confidant to Nick and his family, but as his influence grows, Nick begins to question Wolfe’s true intentions and the source of his powers[2].

The movie Harlequin (1980) explores themes of power, manipulation, and the blurred lines between faith and deception. As Nick delves deeper into the mystery surrounding Wolfe, he must confront his own beliefs and make difficult choices that will determine the fate of his family[5]. The film combines elements of psychological suspense, political intrigue, and supernatural elements. [6].


  • Robert Powell as Gregory Wolfe
  • Carmen Duncan as Sandra Rast
  • David Hemmings as Nick Rast
  • Broderick Crawford as Frank Logan


  • Harlequin (1980) was released as Dark Forces in the United States[2].
  • The film is a modern-day retelling of the story of Grigori Rasputin[5].



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