Hell Night (1981)


The movie Hell Night (1981) is an American slasher film directed by Tom DeSimone. The plot revolves around a night of fraternity hazing, known as “hell night,” that takes place in an old manor. Four college pledges, Marti, Jeff, Denise, and Seth, are forced to spend the night in the manor as part of their initiation.

As the night progresses, the pledges begin to experience strange and terrifying events. They soon discover that a deformed killer is on the loose in the manor, terrorizing and murdering the college students. The killer is relentless in his pursuit, using various methods to hunt down his victims.

The pledges must navigate through the dark and eerie corridors of the manor, trying to survive the night and escape the clutches of the killer. As they uncover the secrets of the manor, they realize that there is more to the night than just a simple hazing ritual.

The movie Hell Night (1981) combines elements of slasher films and haunted house-themed films.


  • Linda Blair
  • Vincent Van Patten
  • Peter Barton
  • Kevin Brophy


  • The movie Hell Night (1981) was given a limited release in the United States on August 7, 1981, by Compass International Pictures. It later received a wide theatrical release on August 28, 1981.
  • The film grossed a total of USD$2,300,000 in the United States during its theatrical run.
  • Director Chuck Russell served as an executive producer, while his long-time collaborator Frank Darabont served as a production assistant.



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