Hell of the Living Dead (1980)


The movie Hell of the Living Dead (1980), also known as Virus, is an Italian-Spanish horror film directed by Bruno Mattei. The story follows a group of commandos who are sent on a mission to investigate a series of strange occurrences at a chemical plant located in a remote area. Unbeknownst to them, the plant has been contaminated by a deadly virus that turns humans into flesh-eating zombies.

As the commandos explore the plant, they encounter hordes of ravenous zombies and must fight for their lives. Along the way, they discover that the virus was created as a biological weapon by a corrupt corporation. The movie Hell of the Living Dead (1980) combines elements of horror, action, and science fiction..

The film explores themes of survival, government corruption, and the consequences of scientific experimentation gone wrong.


  • Margit Evelyn Newton as Lia Rousseau
  • Frank Garfield as Lt. Mike London
  • Robert O’Neil as Dr. Peter Chandler
  • Selan Karay as Max
  • Paolo Zaccagnini as Lucas


  • Hell of the Living Dead (1980) is often considered a “video nasty” due to its violent and gory content.
  • The film features stock footage from other movies, including Cannibal Holocaust (1980) and Zombie (1979).
  • Hell of the Living Dead (1980) was released under various titles in different countries, including Virus, Night of the Zombies, and Zombie Creeping Flesh.


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