Home Sweet Home (1981)


The movie Home Sweet Home (1981) is a slasher film directed by Nettie Peña. The plot centers around a PCP-addicted killer who terrorizes a family in their remote home on Thanksgiving. The movie follows the events of a seemingly ordinary Thanksgiving gathering, which quickly turns into a nightmarish ordeal when an escaped mental patient, who is under the influence of PCP, invades the family’s home. The killer, known as “The Beast”, begins a violent and sadistic rampage, targeting each family member one by one.

The movie Home Sweet Home (1981) explores themes of survival, family bonds, and the horrors that can lurk within seemingly safe spaces.


  • Jake Steinfeld as The Beast
  • Peter De Paula as Jay Jones
  • Vinessa Shaw as Angel Jones
  • Lisa Rodriguez as Mrs. Jones
  • Don Edmonds as Mr. Jones
  • Colette Trygg as Missy Jones


  • The movie Home Sweet Home (1981) is also known as “Slasher in the House” in some regions.
  • The film marks the feature film debut of actress Vinessa Shaw.
  • Home Sweet Home received mixed reviews from critics. Retro Slashers wrote, “The film has heart. Sure, it’s a kind of mindless and confused heart, but the acting is decent and there’s a real feeling that the filmmakers were shooting for something”. Hysteria Lives! awarded the film a rating of 1.5 out of 5, describing it as a “truly terrible movie” with a “fetid stinker” quality.



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