Horrorplanet (1981)


The movie Horrorplanet (1981), also known as Inseminoid, is a British science fiction horror film directed by Norman J. Warren. The plot revolves around a crew of interplanetary archaeologists who are conducting research on a distant planet. Their mission takes a dark turn when one of the crew members is impregnated by an alien creature, causing her to become homicidal and turn against her fellow team members.

The crew members find themselves trapped on the planet, fighting for their lives as the infected crew member goes on a murderous rampage. The remaining team members must find a way to survive and escape the planet before they too fall victim to the alien creature.

The movie Horrorplanet (1981) explores themes of isolation, survival, and the destructive power of fear. It combines elements of science fiction and horror, creating a tense and suspenseful atmosphere throughout the film.


  • Judy Geeson as Sandy
  • Robin Clarke as Mark
  • Jennifer Ashley as Kate
  • Stephanie Beacham as Barbra


– Horrorplanet (1981) is also known by its alternate title, Inseminoid[4].

– The film received mixed reviews upon release, with criticism directed towards its sets, acting, and special effects[2].

– Despite its flaws, Horrorplanet has gained a cult following over the years, with fans appreciating its unique blend of science fiction and horror elements[2].



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