Howling II: ... Your Sister Is a Werewolf (1985)


The movie Howling II: … Your Sister Is a Werewolf (1985) is a horror film and sequel to 1981’s The Howling. The movie Howling II: … Your Sister Is a Werewolf (1985) follows Ben White who attends Karen White’s funeral, only to find she was a werewolf. Ben teams up with Stefan Crosscoe to go after Stirba, the immortal queen of the werewolves. The two track Stirba to Transylvania and try to kill her before she turns Karen’s sister Jenny into a werewolf.

After Karen’s funeral, Ben meets Stefan, who explains Karen was a werewolf. Stefan has been hunting Stirba for centuries. Ben initially doesn’t believe him, but when they examine Karen’s body, they find she has transformed into a werewolf after death. Stefan and Ben travel to Transylvania to find Stirba at her castle and stop her before she can turn others into werewolves under the full moon. At the castle, they meet Stirba who seduces Ben while trying to convert Jenny. Stefan and Ben fight off Stirba’s werewolf servants and escape the castle with Jenny.

The trio holes up in a local inn, trying to come up with a new plan to stop Stirba. Stefan and Ben fight over Jenny’s affection as sexual tensions rise. On the night of the full moon, Stirba abducts Jenny for a satanic werewolf ritual. Stefan and Ben infiltrate the castle again for a final confrontation. Armed with silver bullets, they battle Stirba and her werewolf minions. Finally, Stefan is able to impale Stirba, killing the immortal queen werewolf. The movie Howling II: … Your Sister Is a Werewolf (1985) ends with Stefan and Ben victorious over evil.


  • Christopher Lee as Stefan Crosscoe
  • Annie McEnroe as Jenny Templeton
  • Reb Brown as Ben White
  • Sybil Danning as Stirba
  • Judd Omen as Erle
  • Ferdy Mayne as Dr. Ludwig von Helsing


The original edit of the film contained more gore and nudity which was cut down for wider release.

The movie was filmed in Czechoslovakia which stood in for Transylvania.

Sybil Danning came up with her character’s costumes, including the infamous “werewolf bikini.”


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