Human Lanterns (1982)


The movie Human Lanterns (1982) is a Hong Kong horror film directed by Sun Chung. The story is set in ancient China during the Qing Dynasty. The movie revolves around the rivalry between two lantern makers, Master Yu and Wang, who are both vying for the prestigious title of Lantern King.

The movie Human Lanterns (1982) follows a series of gruesome murders that occur in the town, where the victims’ faces are skinned off and used to make lanterns. As the killings escalate, suspicion falls on both Master Yu and Wang, as they are known for their exceptional lantern-making skills.

The movie Human Lanterns (1982) delves into the dark and twisted world of the lantern makers as they resort to extreme measures to outdo each other. The film explores themes of obsession, revenge, and the lengths people will go to achieve recognition and success.

As the tension between Master Yu and Wang reaches its peak, a martial arts expert named Lung intervenes to uncover the truth behind the murders. Lung becomes determined to stop the bloodshed and bring the killer to justice.

The movie Human Lanterns (1982) combines elements of horror, martial arts, and period drama.


  • Tony Liu as Master Yu
  • Lo Lieh as Wang
  • Tien-chi Cheng as Lung
  • Wei Tu Lin as Chiu
  • Shen Chan as Inspector
  • Chia Hui Liu as Master Ko


  • The movie Human Lanterns (1982) is part of the Shaw Brothers Studio’s legacy of martial arts and horror films.
  • The film features impressive fight choreography by renowned martial arts choreographer Lau Kar-leung.
  • Human Lanterns is known for its graphic and gory scenes, which pushed the boundaries of violence in Hong Kong cinema at the time.
  • The movie received mixed reviews upon its release, with some praising its visual style and thrilling action sequences, while others criticized its excessive violence.



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