Hysterical (1982)


The movie Hysterical (1982) is a comedy film directed by Chris Bearde. It is a spoof of the horror film genre. The story follows a burned-out writer who retreats to a northwest town called Hellview to write the great American novel. He rents a lighthouse, unaware that it is inhabited by the spirit of a woman who killed herself there a hundred years ago. The spirit wants the writer to replace her lost love, Captain Howdy. When Captain Howdy is resurrected, two bumbling scientists are brought in to investigate the history of the lighthouse and solve the case[4].

The movie Hysterical (1982) combines elements of comedy, horror, and supernatural themes.


  • Bill Hudson as Writer
  • Mark Hudson as Scientist
  • Brett Hudson as Scientist
  • Cindy Pickett as Spirit of the Woman


  • The movie Hysterical (1982) was released on July 30, 1983, by Embassy Pictures[2].
  • The film is known for its explicit humor and over-the-top comedic performances[5].
  • Hysterical is a parody of the horror film genre, taking a humorous approach to classic horror movie elements[4].



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