Island Claws (1980)


The movie Island Claws (1980) is a horror film set on a small island in Florida. The story revolves around a biological experiment gone wrong at a local power plant. Due to a mishap, the experiment leads to the creation of giant, 8-foot long land crabs. These monstrous creatures not only have a menacing appearance but also possess the ability to roar loudly and kill anything that comes in their way.

As the island residents begin to realize the danger they are facing, panic ensues. The land crabs start wreaking havoc, attacking and killing anyone who crosses their path. The island becomes a battleground as the desperate residents try to survive and find a way to stop the deadly creatures.

The movie Island Claws (1980) combines elements of horror, suspense, and creature feature genres. It explores the theme of scientific experiments gone wrong and the consequences of tampering with nature. The residents of the island are forced to confront their worst nightmares as they fight for their lives against the relentless land crabs.

Will they be able to find a way to defeat the monstrous creatures and restore peace to the island? Watch Island Claws (1980) to find out.


  • Robert Lansing as Moody
  • Steve Hanks as Dr. McNeal
  • Nita Talbot as Martha
  • Joan McCall as Karen
  • Kimberly Beck as Linda
  • Barry Nelson as Dr. Richardson
  • Robert Swain as Sheriff
  • David R. Beecroft as Mike
  • John Schmerling as Dr. Symes
  • Frank Logan as Dr. Logan


– The movie Island Claws (1980) was filmed in Florida, specifically on Virginia Key[3].

– The giant land crabs in the film were created using a combination of practical effects and stop-motion animation[2].

– Island Claws (1980) is also known by its alternate title “Killer Crabs”[1].



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