Island of Blood (1982)


The movie Island of Blood (1982), also known as Whodunit?, is a horror film directed by William T. Naud. The story revolves around a group of filmmakers who gather on a remote island to shoot a low-budget horror movie. However, their production is disrupted when members of the cast and crew are mysteriously murdered one by one.

The movie Island of Blood (1982) begins with a film crew arriving on a secluded island to shoot their horror movie. The island is known for its dark history, as it was once the site of a brutal massacre. As the production progresses, tensions rise among the cast and crew, and strange occurrences start to take place.

Soon, members of the production team are found dead in gruesome and inventive ways, mimicking the deaths depicted in the script. As fear and paranoia grip the remaining survivors, they must uncover the identity of the killer before they become the next victims.


  • Marie-Alise Recasner as Laura
  • Richard Helm as Mark
  • JoJo D’Amore as Tony
  • Tom Rettig as Tom
  • Bob O’Connell as Bob
  • James Carroll Pickett as James


  • The movie Island of Blood (1982) was shot on location in Florida, USA.
  • The film features a low-budget production within the movie, reflecting the real-life challenges of independent filmmaking.
  • Island of Blood received limited distribution upon its release and gained a cult following among fans of slasher films.
  • The movie pays homage to classic whodunit mysteries, with a focus on suspense and the unraveling of the killer’s identity.



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