Jaws of Satan (1981)


The movie Jaws of Satan (1981) is a horror film directed by Bob Claver. The story revolves around a small town in Alabama that becomes the target of a supernatural threat when a venomous snake is possessed by Satan himself. The snake, now under the control of the devil, begins to terrorize the town, attacking its residents and spreading fear and chaos. As the town’s inhabitants struggle to survive, a preacher with a family curse battles against the forces of evil to save his community from the jaws of Satan.

The movie Jaws of Satan (1981) combines elements of supernatural horror and creature feature genres.


  • Fritz Weaver as Father Tom Farrow
  • Gretchen Corbett as Maggie Sheridan
  • Jon Korkes as Dr. Paul Hendricks
  • Norman Lloyd as Mayor
  • John McCurry as Sheriff
  • Christina Applegate as Kim Perry
  • Bob Hannah as Deputy


  • The movie Jaws of Satan (1981) is also known as “King Cobra” in some regions.
  • The film features Christina Applegate in one of her early roles, before her breakthrough in the television series “Married… with Children”.
  • The snake used in the film is a king cobra, one of the most venomous snakes in the world.



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