Julie Darling (1982)


The movie Julie Darling (1982) is a psychological thriller directed by Paul Nicholas. The story revolves around a disturbed teenage girl named Julie, who develops an unhealthy obsession with her father. As her obsession intensifies, Julie becomes increasingly manipulative and dangerous, leading to a series of tragic events.

The movie Julie Darling (1982) follows the life of Julie, a young girl living with her father, Harold, after the death of her mother. Julie’s infatuation with her father takes a dark turn as she becomes jealous of his romantic relationships. She resorts to extreme measures to keep her father’s attention solely on her, including sabotaging his relationships and manipulating those around her.

As Julie’s behavior becomes more erratic and disturbing, her father begins to suspect that something is seriously wrong. He seeks the help of a psychiatrist, Dr. Susan, to understand and address Julie’s troubling behavior. However, Julie’s manipulative nature makes it difficult for anyone to see the extent of her dangerous obsession.


  • Isabelle Mejias as Julie
  • Anthony Franciosa as Harold
  • Sybil Danning as Dr. Susan
  • Paul Hubbard as David
  • Clive Revill as Dr. Stevens


  • The movie Julie Darling (1982) was also released under the title “Daughter of Death”.
  • The film explores themes of incestuous desire and the destructive power of obsession.
  • Julie Darling received mixed reviews upon its release, with some praising its unsettling atmosphere and intense performances, while others criticized its controversial subject matter.
  • The movie features a haunting musical score that adds to the tension and suspense of the story.



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