Just Before Dawn (1981)


The movie Just Before Dawn (1981) is an American slasher film directed by Jeff Lieberman. The story revolves around a group of hikers who venture into the remote mountains of Oregon to visit a property that one of them has inherited. However, their peaceful trip quickly turns into a nightmare as they are hunted by a ruthless backwoods killer.

The group consists of five friends: Warren, Jonathan, Daniel, Constance, and Megan. They set off in an RV and arrive at their destination near Silver Falls, Oregon. Along the way, they encounter a warning from a ranger, but they choose to ignore it and continue their journey.

As they explore the picturesque wilderness, they come across an abandoned church. Two hunters, Ty and Vachel, stumble upon the group and warn them about the dangers of the area. However, the group dismisses their concerns and continues their hike.

Unbeknownst to them, the backwoods killer, who has been watching their every move, begins to stalk and hunt them down. The group becomes isolated and disoriented in the vast wilderness, making them easy targets for the killer.

As night falls, the tension rises, and the group realizes they are being hunted. They must fight for their lives and find a way to escape the clutches of the relentless killer. The movie Just Before Dawn (1981) explores themes of isolation, fear, and the primal instinct to protect oneself in the face of danger.


  • Chris Lemmon as Warren
  • Gregg Henry as Jonathan
  • Deborah Benson as Constance
  • Ralph Seymour as Daniel
  • Jamie Rose as Megan
  • George Kennedy as Ty


  • The movie Just Before Dawn (1981) was distributed in the United States by Picturmedia and was released theatrically on November 27, 1981.
  • The film received mixed reviews, with some praising its elegant cinematography and others criticizing it for its derivative elements.
  • Director Jeff Lieberman stated that he had not seen The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) or The Hills Have Eyes (1977) before making Just Before Dawn, despite reviews implying inspiration from those films.



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