Lifeforce (1985)


The movie Lifeforce (1985) follows the discovery of a spaceship harboring bat-like vampiric aliens who start spreading a zombie plague on Earth.

A Halley’s Comet probe finds a spaceship interior containing desiccated bat creatures and three nude humanoid aliens in suspended animation. They are brought to the UK Space Research Centre in London for study.

The movie Lifeforce (1985) shows the aliens awakening and escaping confinement. The female alien starts draining people’s lifeforce, turning them into zombie-like creatures. She escapes the facility and unleashes the zombie plague in London.

With the city rapidly succumbing to the vampire zombie infection, Col. Caine works desperately to stop the alien before the apocalypse is complete. He destroys the female vampire’s body, prompting the remaining zombies to crumble into dust.


  • Steve Railsback as Col. Tom Carlsen
  • Peter Firth as Col. Colin Caine
  • Frank Finlay as Sir Percy Heseltine
  • Mathilda May as Space Girl
  • Patrick Stewart as Dr. Armstrong


The film had a budget of around $25 million.

The director Tobe Hooper was known for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Based on Colin Wilson’s novel The Space Vampires, it is also loosely based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel.


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