Lost Souls (2000)


The movie Lost Souls (2000) is a supernatural horror film directed by Janusz Kaminski. It stars Winona Ryder as a woman who suspects a man has been possessed by Satan.

Maya Larkin works for the Catholic Church performing exorcisms on suspected demonic possessions. She meets Peter Kelson and immediately senses a dark energy surrounding him. Maya comes to believe Peter is being possessed by Satan himself, as foretold by a priest she once exorcised.

Maya tries to convince Peter and those around him that he is going to be overtaken by evil on his 33rd birthday. But Peter dismisses her warnings, believing himself to be mentally ill rather than possessed. As Peter gets closer to turning 33, ominous signs accumulate and his personality begins to change.

The movie Lost Souls (2000) builds to a climax on Peter’s 33rd birthday where he fully transforms into Satan incarnate. Maya scrambles to perform an exorcism to save Peter’s soul before it is lost forever.


  • Winona Ryder as Maya Larkin
  • Ben Chaplin as Peter Kelson
  • Sarah Wynter as Claire
  • Philip Baker Hall as Father Lareaux
  • John Hurt as Father Thomas


  • The film had the working title “The Devil Within”
  • It opened in 2nd place at the box office behind Meet the Parents
  • Director Janusz Kaminski was known for cinematography, not directing
  • It was set in New York City and New Jersey


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