Mad Scientists

The image of Victor Frankenstein sending electricity through the prone monster lying in front of him is one of the most iconic in all of horror. And thus a million mad scientist parodies were born.

Ultimately Mary Shelley’s creation has not only spawned a litany of similar stories in horror, but she is considered one of the creators of modern science fiction, and certainly Sci-fi horror. Though it should be noted that there were many examples of “mad alchemists” that go back even further than Mary Shelley.

But it’s hard not to see Frankenstein as the quintessential mad scientist, in which modern storytelling is compared to. Although it has been parodied, there are many examples of “mad science” storylines becoming incredibly thought-provoking and engaging horror tales, such as The Fly, Edward Scissorhands, and H.G. Wells’ The Invisible Man.

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Last updated byCody Meirick on November 3, 2023