Manhattan Baby (1982)


The movie “Manhattan Baby” (1982) is an Italian horror film directed by Lucio Fulci. The story follows a young girl named Susie, who receives an ancient Egyptian amulet as a gift while visiting an archaeological dig with her family in Egypt. After returning to Manhattan, strange and supernatural events begin to occur.

As the movie “Manhattan Baby” (1982) progresses, Susie’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic, and her family starts experiencing terrifying phenomena. They are haunted by visions, encounter deadly accidents, and are tormented by an evil force that seems to be connected to the amulet. Susie’s father seeks the help of a parapsychologist to unravel the mystery and save his family from the malevolent presence.

The movie “Manhattan Baby” (1982) combines elements of supernatural horror and ancient curses and explores themes of ancient mythology, possession, and the consequences of disturbing ancient artifacts.


  • Christopher Connelly as George Hacker
  • Martha Taylor as Emily Hacker
  • Brigitta Boccoli as Susie Hacker
  • Giovanni Frezza as Tommy Hacker
  • Cinzia de Ponti as Jamie Lee Hacker
  • Carlo De Mejo as Adrian Mercato


  • The movie “Manhattan Baby” (1982) was filmed in Egypt and New York City.
  • The film’s original title in Italian is “Il mistero di Manhattan” (The Mystery of Manhattan).
  • “Manhattan Baby” is known for its surreal and dreamlike sequences, characteristic of director Lucio Fulci’s style.
  • The film features special effects by Germano Natali, who worked on several other Fulci films.



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