Maniac (1980)


The movie Maniac (1980) is a psychological slasher film directed by William Lustig. The story follows Frank Zito, a disturbed and traumatized serial killer who prowls the streets of New York City. Frank, played by Joe Spinell, has a deeply troubled past and an obsession with scalping his victims.

The movie Maniac (1980) delves into the mind of Frank as he spirals further into madness. He forms a twisted relationship with a photographer named Anna, played by Caroline Munro, who becomes both fascinated and repulsed by his dark desires. As Frank’s killings escalate, the police close in on him, leading to a climactic and violent confrontation.

The movie Maniac (1980) is known for its gritty and disturbing portrayal of a deranged killer. The film’s graphic violence and intense atmosphere have made it a cult classic in the horror genre.


  • Joe Spinell as Frank Zito
  • Caroline Munro as Anna D’Antoni
  • Abigail Clayton as Rita
  • Kelly Piper as Nurse


  • Maniac (1980) was originally intended to be a short film, but it was expanded into a feature-length movie.
  • The film’s special effects, including the realistic scalping scenes, were created by Tom Savini, a renowned special effects artist.
  • Maniac (1980) faced controversy and censorship due to its graphic violence and disturbing content.



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