Mausoleum (1983)


The movie Mausoleum (1983) centers on a young woman possessed by a demonic force inherited from her late mother.

When she was a child, Susan was corrupted by her monstrous mother’s evil energy as the woman lay dying. Twenty years later, the demonic force drives the now adult Susan to commit murders. Her husband Oliver tries protecting her from herself.

The movie Mausoleum (1983) depicts Susan increasingly succumbing to her murderous compulsions, committing more gruesome acts including decapitating her psychiatrist. She is haunted by grotesque demonic visions and ghosts of her mother’s victims.

Despite Oliver’s efforts, Susan finds herself drawn to her family’s remote mausoleum where her mother’s spirit coerces her to continue her deadly legacy. Susan’s possession worsens until she becomes a vessel for her demonic mother to unleash chaos through.

In the climax, Oliver is forced to confront the monstrous Susan inside the mausoleum. The movie Mausoleum (1983) ends with order restored when Oliver seemingly destroys Susan and her mother’s evil presence.


  • Bobbie Bresee as Susan Walker
  • Marjoe Gortner as Oliver Farrell
  • Norman Burton as Dr. Andrews
  • Maurice Sherbanee as Hank Andrews
  • LaWanda Page as Elsie


The film’s theatrical release was delayed for 3 years due to distribution problems.

Portions were re-shot by the distributor Cannon Films without the director’s involvement.

The mausoleum sets were left standing after filming and reused in other movies.


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